Bold Leadership for Massachusetts.


A High tech Economy for Massachusetts

Massachusetts leads the nation in education spending, investing over 24 percent more in each student than the national average. But unfortunately, we don't do enough to ensure jobs for those students once they graduate. 

The status-quo representation in district 8 doesn't understand the tech and biotech industry, but Brianna Wu does. We'll make Massachusetts the third great city in the US for the these high paying fields. We know what it takes to attract tech and biotech investment.

We speak often of the bias against women and minorities in the high tech workforce. Because Massachusetts has some of the nation's strongest protections, we can make this the best place in the United States for the rest of us to work. It's time for bold leadership to bring 21st century jobs to district 8.

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Landmark Legislation on Privacy and Cybersecurity

Here's a plain truth: People that understand technology do not have a voice in congress. Our tech policy is bought and paid for by special interests. Your privacy, your security, your ability to freely access information is being eroded every single day by policy that doesn't have your interests at heart. 

As a software engineer and technology analyst, Brianna Wu understands technology in a way no one else in congress does. She will be a fearless voice for privacy rights. One of her top priorities will be to get an omnibus privacy bill passed.

Cybersecurity isn't just a consumer issue,  it's a national security issue. Our energy, financial and information infrastructure is very vulnerable to hacking, and nothing is being done. Brianna Wu will change that. 

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Keep Massachusetts Tax Dollars in Massachusetts

As Republicans scramble to disassemble the Affordable Care Act, it will cost 353 billion dollars over the next decade. States like Massachusetts will be stuck with the bill for their reckless budgeting choices. It's time for Massachusetts to stop subsidizing the conservative assault on American infrastructure. 

Because Massachusetts pays so much more into the federal government than we get back, we are in a powerful negotiating position. States that destroy cost-saving measures like the Affordable Care Act should expect to clean up their messes with their own tax dollars. 

Massachusetts is a state that proves investing in education and health care works. But, we pay our own way. As your representative, Brianna will fight to keep more of your tax dollars invested in Massachusetts.